« l'Odyssée »

from Jean VOGUET

In « l’Odyssée », with his acousmatic geophonies & heterotopias, Jean VOGUET virtually explores other planets in the Universe that the humanity may discover one day, and see whether it is habitable or not, in order to survive.

Dans « l’Odyssée », avec ses géophonies & hétérotopies acousmatiques, Jean VOGUET explore virtuellement les planètes que l’humanité devra trouver, puis habiter, pour survivre.

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Jean VOGUET France

Having been a futuristic bruitism, atypical composer of electronic music, Jean VOGUET pursuing research into the notions of Acousmatic Geophonies & Heterotopias and has always focused on how his works are presented in each environmental & immersivity context. ... more

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